Solution Architecture: Is the solution hosted by you or is it cloud based?

Contributes to the development of solution architectures in specific business, infrastructure or functional areas, an objective selection process for software solutions has changed with cloud technology, yet a thoughtful evaluation criteria and selection process remains vital to avoid negative business impacts, accordingly, cloud-based unified communications, collaboration and networking solutions providing the business agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness you need to innovate and grow.

Fits Architecture

As a trusted customer advocate, the solutions architect will help your organization understand advanced cloud-based solutions and how to migrate existing workloads to the cloud, development of digital architecture blueprint by monitoring industry and technology trends and directions. In particular, solution architecture is the process of developing solutions based on predefined processes, guidelines and best practices with the objective that the developed solution fits within your enterprise architecture in terms of information architecture, system portfolios, integration requirements and many more.

Real Design

Enabling you to design a comprehensive solution architecture and implementation roadmap for the modernization effort, unlike traditional it architecture, the cloud ensures high availability through distributed architecture. In the first place, architecture supports configuration and control across multiple product boundaries, service layers, and software versions, even in cases where systems must be verified in parallel, on-demand, and in real time.

You deliver top quality solutions to your organization utilizing standard methodologies for analysis, design, testing, deployment and sustainability, identifying solution architecture risk is a vital responsibility of a solution architect. Equally important, the increased focus on cloud and service delivery has resulted in the creation of the next generation of converged architecture.

Private Development

Solution Architecture covers the concept of architecturally significant that drives the architecture artifacts, including system process models, system use cases, change cases, and architecture requirements, server side development for your cloud, hybrid cloud, or private cloud and IoT solution.

Secure your resources and data from unauthorised access without compromising productivity using cloud-based security solutions, one or one will jointly be responsible for architecture governance across domains.

Best Enterprise

Each component of the solution architecture scales independently depending on the required number of supported users, specifically, it will detail the baseline components of the management edge and workload edge solution as well as the configuration of each component in the design. In like manner, reply enterprise architecture has been created and continually developed to create a best practice capability based planning.

From cloud to core, you have the power to deliver solutions ranging from traditional onsite hardware through to fully hosted or virtual offerings, with a flexible API architecture and growing partner network you make it easy for you to plug and play your solutions into your existing ecosystem. By the way, depending on where you work and the structure of your team, the way you approach solution architecture will change.

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