SCCM: How can the same host bus adapter be used to run multiple operating systems?

Hypervisor is virtualization software that enables multiple operating systems to run on a host system at the same time, the list of operating systems which can be installed on virtual machines, varies greatly and depends on the particular virtualization system, also, single-server deployment has the gateway server and data processing server installed on the same host system.

Multiple System

If you run multiple servers on the system, add the requirements for each server to get the requirements for the system, it enables increased physical server utilization, centralized management of virtual machine infrastructure, and rapid provisioning of new virtual machines by the administrator, delegated administrator, and authorized end users. To begin with, distributed systems use multiple central processors to serve multiple real-time applications and multiple users.

Single Access

Multiple client licenses can be purchased to allow simultaneous access to the real-time host from multiple client systems, to increase efficiency and lower costs, data center network infrastructure must be transformed into a unified, flexible, high-speed fabric, also, virtualization is a broad computing term used for running software, usually multiple operating systems, concurrently and in isolation from other programs on a single system.

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