Network troubleshooting: Is the name service switch set up to check the systems local hosts file, in addition to NIS?

Ping is used to test the ability of one network host to communicate with another, set up a multi-user network so you can access your organization files from other computers.

If the hosts on your network need to communicate with computers on other networks, a route through a gateway must be defined, you need to add six more computers to the network so you add a second switch by connecting it to the first switch by way of a network cable. In this case, to install and configure a network printer, you follow many of the same steps that are required to set up a local printer.

Local Issues

There are so many different software utilities and tools to select from that will help in the troubleshooting the connectivity issues, access to organizational information systems is defined as either local or network. In the meantime, like with most jobs, when it comes to network troubleshooting, the tools you use can make a world of difference.

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