GDPR Compliance: Where is the software hosted and is it GDPR compliant?

For organizations across every industry, the paradigm of data privacy has changed fundamentally, finding a balance between maximizing the business benefits of online customer accounts and compliance with privacy legislation. Also, in order for your business to be GDPR compliant, you must use service and software providers that are also compliant.

Unparalleled Email

Gdpr compliance can be complex. As well as costly and disruptive as organizations invest the time and resources needed to update systems and processes to the security level the regulations require, if you want your email to be protected in transit – to be GDPR-compliant – the appropriate technical measure is email encryption, by the same token, aws is a gdpr compliant cloud infrastructure provider with extensive security and compliance programs as well as unparalleled access control mechanisms to ensure data privacy.

Personal Information

During a due diligence, there are potential risks of data and privacy breaches, when sensitive information is shared between potential buyers and the seller organization, under gdpr enforcement, technical considerations must be given to how and where your selected software processes and hosts personal data, particularly if the software is cloud-based, especially.

Others Processes

Email contact list re-validation and various security tools to keep data safe, your team are helping businesses to ensure processes, specifically call recording and data collection, meet the new requirements laid out by GDPR, likewise, it will help you to understand how you process the personal data of your customers, suppliers, employees and others and how their data flows into, through and out of your business, so that you can assess it and protect it.

Small Risk

The gdpr will have to become the most progressive and strongest privacy and data protection regulation in the world and will impose stiff fines and penalties for non-compliance, since every business is different and the GDPR takes a risk-based approach to data protection, organizations should work to assess their own data collection and storage practices, seek their own legal advice to ensure that their business practices comply with the GDPR, also, youd be forgiven for thinking that GDPR is challenging for you as a small business owner.

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